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Emulators for PSP

Name = PCEP (PC Engine Emulator for PSP)

Authors /Website = Kamisama

Screenshots -


Downloads = Here v0.7 22nd June 2005

Here v0.62 18th June 2005

Here v0.61 17th June 2005

Here v0.6 15th June 2005

Here v0.53 Updated 1st June 2005

Information = PC Engine emulator for the PSP :)

V1.0 PSP Only

Translation from Smiths (Translator who works for Emuholic

PC Engine Emulator Test 0.1 - by Kamisama

[Note from English translator: This is a TEST/DEBUG version, there are numbers and messages displayed all over the screen used for debug/error reporting purposes]

Place EBOOT.PBP in a subfolder of /PSP/GAME/
Place PC-Engine games on your memory stick

File Selection
D-Pad - Move
O - Confirm
X - Go back a directory
START - Return to the PSP Browser

START - Return to file selection
Others are no-brainers

Nothing major, but sometimes sound stopped. It's an in-progress work.

0.1 It works for now

GB File Selector's source was used for menu browsing, file selection, etc.
Other sample sources were also used.
This application uses the font called "Naga10" found at

English Translation by Smiths of Emuholic []. If used, a link to Emuholic MUST be posted as well. We understand English, right?

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