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PSP Homebrew

Name = P-Sprint

Authors /Website = Arwin


Downloads =P-Sprint v0.62a 21st August 2005

version 0.62a
- added p_spGetKeycodeFriendlyName(int keyCode, char keyName[])

Comment: this gives you the name of the key, if it is a key that has a special name and no character representation (like F1, Home, Shift, and so on)

- fixed a number of faulty keyid/code/char links that I discovered while rewriting the testscreen

keyboard simulation test screen:

version 0.62a

Rewrote the p-sprint test-screen using the include version of p-sprint. The new setup gives feedback on your group selection, shift modifications, and keynames (e.g. if you press the combination for F1, you'll see F1 in the bottom left of the screen).

Typing includes basic interpretation of the regular keys, space, backspace and enter.

The screen is a lot sparser now than the original version, and the default keymaps aren't displayed on screen. If you're completely new to p-sprint, just go ahead and test combining different button presses and see what you get. Also, you can look on the keyboard image in the forum thread that has the p-sprint combinations included.

Once I learn how to blit an image to the screen, I'll add images like that in a help screen.

V0.60a 19th August 2005

- Added p_spReadKeyEx(struct p_sp_Key myKey, int Buttons).
Comment: This function makes integrating p-sprint with your current applications easier. Say that you have a cursor implemented using the analog stick. You can now handle any of the controller's input yourself, but if it contains button input that you want p-sprint to look at for key presses, you simply pass the Buttons value to p_spReadKeyEx and look at the p_sp_Key structure to see if that resulted in anything interesting. See documentation for an example.

- Added support for OS key (e.g. Apple/Win key).
Comment: Hold first button and press 'X' or 'Down', release both, and then press the second button.
- Shift keys now combine properly in Key.modifiers
Comment: this means that for instance ctrl-shift-a is possible, as well as ctrl-alt-delete. Ctrl-shift-a would be: hold triangle, press square, press triangle, release all, press circle.
- Rewrote version.txt to apply only to the p_sprint.h and p_sprint.c files.”

v0.53a 18th August 2005

The include version of p-sprint now updated to version 0.53a, with key repeat back in business. Also added a (public) function to customise the key-repeat rate and threshhold.

I think this include version will go from version 0.53a to a version 1.0 soon, but first I would like to hear from others if they think it is up to spec or if they need more.

Things on my to do list:

- provide an additional library that makes text input even easier to integrate (like a default entry window)
- make a snazzy user interface
- make or cooperate or port a text editor using p-sprint
- make a training/typing game using p-sprint

P-sprint v0.51a Here 17th August 2005

15th August v0.50a Here

version 0.50a
- setup all keycodes and character values for 102-key PC keyboard compatibility.
- added documentation for the mapped keys and their values (see for the latest version)
- added proper key-repeat functionality
- wrote a getKey function with a structure interface for getting all the key info you need (keychar, keycode and modifiers - see also the documentation)
- commented the code and cleaned it up a bit

- fixed a few bugs with the p-sprint testscreen interface
- reordered the button feedback in the p-sprint testscreen (will have to be written more fundamentally as this doesn't show keys like Insert, Delete, F1-F12, and so on. See also the documentation.)”

13th August 2005 v0.41a Here

Information = Keyboard emulator for PSP

version 0.41a
- made the onscreen feedback dynamic: it will show the mapped keyvalues, so there's less maintenance. (But it will become a problem for showing system value codes, will have to look for something for that.)
- also made the onscreen feedback dynamic for not only group selections, but also shift(and control, alt) actions - if you make a shift combination, you'll see the button values available through that shift-combo (though you see al shift values, not just for the group you selected)

version 0.40a
- more or less completely rewrote the whole program to make the setup keycode and keychar value compatible. What this means is that the current code can easily be used to port existing, keyboard using/requiring software to the PSP by simply hooking up the p_spGetChar and/or p_spGetKeyCode functions. The code and codekey assignments should now almost be fully compatible with existing real keyboards.
- while rewriting the code and mapping, I also remapped the alphanumeric keys for easier typing. The most used keys will now typically be easiest to type, and I've also grouped keys according to how they occur together.
- added shift simulation; while you keep the first button pressed, press up. Then let both buttons go, and press the second button, and you will get a shift (e.g. 'E' instead of 'e'). Alt and control is implemented the same way (with left and right), but currently no data is loaded - though of course you can edit the source to get this done, but I'll work on it later this weekend or early next week.
- added key group selection through button combo. Currently only one group selection (only containing the numbers, including their shift values) is available, by holding left and pressing cross. The other two groups (up and cross, and right and cross) are implemented but don't hold any buttons yet. Capacity is 114 buttons currently, so more than enough to simulate a full 102 key keyboard (with some browser buttons)

(ps, the screenshot and save to text file options are not in this version, so if you really needed those keep the old version on your memstick for a moment


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