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PSP Homebrew

Name = ONScripter for PSP

Authors /Website = Mr Shikuru


Downloads = 15th October 2005 Here v3

Information = Mr Shikuru has updated his port of [URL=]OnscripterDC[/URL] to the PSP, this release seems to be a port of the Dreamcast version by the talented Bero which you can find here -->

Also on that page was this info:

onscripter is used some commercial games and some homebrew games for Windows in Japan.

onscripter is compatible game engine only, so you need game data.

Compatible games are listed at..

===How to use===
Get nasconv and saronv.
Download the source code of onscripter from the ONScripter homepage.
Compile the source by yourself.
If you can’t compile, try to get a complied binary.

Use the same file for ONScripter to start. File configuration sample:

0.txt or nscript.dat
converted arc.nsa or arc.sar
cd <ms0:/PSP/GAME/ONScripter/cd/>

– Startup option “—force-button-shortcut” enabled

I don’t have much time, so this is all I can do in this version.
Blue screen problem is totally fixed

About libmad:
Used the libmad from Mr. Maman’s JVIEW.


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