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Description NeoCD/PS2 is a Neo Geo CD Emulator for the Playstation 2 Console.





NeoCD/PS2 v0.6c 7th September 2005 Discuss Here -->

- More CDDA fixes
- Fixed/added auto-loop feature (CDDA)
- (re)Fixed missing sfx in aerofighters 2 (and maybe others)
- Fixed most Buzzing noise cases
- drive now stop spinning when CDDA is set to OFF

NeoCD/PS2 0.6a

NeoCD/PS2 0.6 source


Evilo has updated his great NeoGeo CD emulator for the PS2, heres whats new:

heres whats new

After a lots of pressure (mail/pm) : Time to release a version with...

... first CDDA support !!!!!

This version is still wip and still need testing and tweaking, I didn't
had the time to fully test all games and some regressions/bugs are still
possible on some titles. So, as always, help us to track down all remaining
bugs, and give your feedback in the dedicated forum !

Change log :

- Rewrote ps2 sound routines :
> Switch to audsrv 0.85 for sound (BIG thanks to Gawd !)
> CDDA support !
> sound upsampling on IOP side
- Rewrote ps2 video routines.
- Small performance increase.
- PAL/NTSC Selector (60hz r0x0rs !)
- Zip support (limited to the bios, see usage)
- Fixed the "freezing menu" bug with some exotic pads (SF,NG).
- Fixed "blocking" state at startup when no CD is present.

Enjoy :P


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