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Name = NEOCDPSP (NeoGeo CD Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = YoyoFr

Screenshots -

Downloads =Version 0.8 29th January 2006 Discuss Here -->

- Fixed speed of animations (waterfall in blue's journey...)
- fixed voices too fast in art of fighting (and maybe some others)
- Fixed red and blue inverted when clearing the screen in hardware mode
(it was producing a red sky in crossed swords, and a few bad colors in
some other games).
- Some files were really intended not to be loaded in the neocd, such as
these weird samples in aof, and another in neo turf master. Now they
are correctly ignored.
- The rasterline interrupt is now emulated which enables playing art
of fighting 2 at 115 or 130% (button B when starting a game)
The raster effects are not yet emulated, the background in super
sidekicks2 is now all green !
- A new gui from Radius !
- Added support for the fonts of the SDL_gfx project, and added a font
selector to the new gui
- Fixed the crash in neogeo cd special
- Added more options than what anybody will ever need for the osd :
you can now choose if you want to see or not mp3 tracks, mp3 errors,
if you want a black or transparent background and I added a profiler
display that you can choose from the "Show FPS" option. This profiler
is mainly usefull to me to see where the emulation looses time, but you
can try it if you are curious !
All this is now in the "OSD..." menu.
- Acceleration : a basic optimization for the 68k handlers and I won about
15 fps on the art of fighting main menu, and a trick on the raster
counter helped me to win about 30 fps in ninja commando, and the hall
of fame in magician lord (now maybe you don't have enough time to input
your name in magician lord, oh well...)

Version 0.7.2 22nd January 2006 Discuss Here -->

- The copy-protected neocd games don't need to be cracked anymore (as in
version 0.5). It was a very primitive copy protection system !
- Adjust fps to 59 fps : nam 1975 intro was obviously too fast in 0.7.1
(not in sync with cdaudio sound).
- The music not playing in the kof serie seems to be fixed.
- The path of the last rom loaded is saved now when you exit the emulator

Version 0.7.1 :9th January 2006 Discuss Here --> / Source

Just a fix for a stupid bug which made quite a few games to crash in 0.7.
Thanks to the quick tests which allowed to spot this one very quickly...

Version 0.7
Less bugs, better sound quality, a few little additions, and a loooong list of changes :

- Fixed crash in breakers : this is once again related to the upload area,
so I can just hope it won't break other games
- Try harder to recognise game files from ipl.txt : some originals have
weird filenames in the ipl.txt (a double dragon version is in this case).
Now if I can't find the file type in the extension, I look for it in
the whole filename, which seems to work for this double dragon version,
at least.
- Fixed sound effects : they are now much clearer, and in real stereo.
The difference is especially noticeable in bust a move.
- Fixed a last possible corruption of the memcard.bin file if quiting with
the home key. Now it should be safe to use the home key to quit at any
time, and there should be no way left to corrupt any file (mp3 or other).
If you use fw 2.0, be sure to use the Exit command from the gui though,
or do otherwise at your own risk (I am not testing neocdpsp with fw 2.0)
- The sound effects do not stop anymore after 3 or 4 games (finally !)
- Added some game messages at the bottom of the screen (now you know
when an mp3 track is starting to play, if it didn't find it, if there
was an error decoding it, and so on...)
- In previous version, if an mp3 had some id3 tags it couldn't be played
in neocdpsp. This is fixed now, sorry for those who encountered this
- Now you can also place your mp3s in PSP/MUSIC. Example :
say you have a game in a directory mslug. The you can put its mp3s
as previously in mslug/neocd.mp3/ but now you can also put them in
/PSP/MUSIC/mslug/ if you prefer. After all these are mp3s, so you should
be able to play them from the psp interface if you want to !
The directory in music where you put the mp3 must be named exactly like
the directory of the game for neocdpsp.
- The mp3 decoder is a little more resistant to crashes, that is if you have
an mp3 file at 0 or 1 byte after you have filled your memory card, it
won't crash anymore. I don't say it will not every crash again though,
there are probably files which can make it crash !
- Fixed sound and music in top players golf
- Fixed Art of Fighting 3 freezing at start of gameplay
- The loading of zipped games is even faster than in 0.6.2 !
- The ingame sound effects of samurai spirits rpg work now, the game is
still very long to load, but it was already long on the original hardware
and is now limited by the access speed of the memory card.
- Now the memory card is writen only when you quit the game, not everytime
the game tries to write to it.
- Added "Select lock" option to the gui. When enabled the controls become:
Select + LTrigger instead of LTrigger for the gui
Select + RTrigger instead of RTrigger for snapshots
and Select + Cross instead of Select alone (pause in most games).
This for those who press the triggers by accident !

Version 0.6.2 :9th January 2006 Discuss Here --> / Source

I didn't want to release something else so fast, but I had to find a way to load samurai spirits rpg zipped and fast. And the difference is so incredible that I had to release this version as is. It loads samurai spirits rpg in 23s if it's zipped now ! It might actually load faster the zipped version that the unzipped version now !
Actually the trick was to add a read cache to unzip.c, if some other emus want to use the trick, they are welcome to !

I also stopped to display the loading picture while ingame, and I added the patch.prg file, necessary to load samurai spirits rpg.

Also, be careful at the filesystem corruption bugs : if a program quits without closing its opened files, then there are good chances that the psp corrupts the files. So if you quit neocdpsp with the home key, a reset of the eboot loader for firmware 2.0 if you use it, or by a crash, then I advice to run something to check the filesystem on your memory card (like scandisk).

Version 0.6.1 :8th January 2006 Discuss Here -->

Ok Fakk2 found very quickly a bad bug with transparent sprites handling which made lots of sprites to disappear in Art of Fighting 2, and some others, so here is the update.
Also, I made sure the audio is really muted before loading game files (it was creating an annoying noise when loading "Art of Fighting 2" game files, at the begining of the game).
And Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer should work now, it was just an error message which was messing the game screen.


Version 0.6

- fixed the crash in Karnov's revenge when pressing X on the title
- Fixed the freeze of magician lord when you enter your name for a
- Fixed the freeze of 2020 super baseball at start
- The fps counter is now readable (does not blink all the time as before),
and it really displays 60 when it should, and not 61.
- Autoframeskip : in the menu you can choose frameskip: auto. In this mode,
the game skips frames when it has to only. If you display the fps counter
in this mode, it shows the number of frames actually skipped between []
if it has skipped some.
- Finally fixed the disappearing graphics in "Art of fighting"
- Fixed sounds for games with very big samples (art of fighting for example)
- Reverted to the loading picture from neocdsdl, quite better than the
the previous one... !
- Fixed bad music un bust a move and probably some other bad sounds in
some other games by adapting the code for the ym2610 from raine !
- Worked around the crash of Cross Swords 2 : it's caused by an error in
decoding the 3rd track (mp3). But it doesn't make any sense, and even
if the file is re-encoded, I still get the error. I worked around it
by making it a non fatal error, now the track is just ignored. I'll have
to investigate this later...
- When a game tries to load a mp3 and you didn't create a mp3 directory for
it (neocd.mp3) don't display anymore a stupid error message behind the
game screen
- Speedup : use solid masks to avoid transparent sprites
- Removed the 68k & z80 frequencies options from the gui, they would
be ignored because of the new timers. I should add speed hacks one day...
- LOTS of code cleanup

Known problems :
- After launching 3 or 4 games in a row, you loose sound effects !!!

NeoCD PSP 0.5.3Fix (NeoCD Emu for PSP) 1st January 2006

Feedback and discussion here -->

Version 0.5.3 :
- Art of fighting is now playable
- Fixed the broken save states which oculdn't be loaded in most games
- removed the annoying error messages behind the game screen when playing in zoom1 mode.
- Added a binary for firmware 1.0 in the binaries package.
Version 0.5.3-fix :
- Just fixes the loading of unziped cd that I had broken in 0.5.3.
By the way I advice to zip *ALL* the games, unless you have a lot of space to waste, the loading lasts longer, but the playability remains the same, and you save quite a lot of space on your memory card !

NeoCD PSP 0.5.2 31st December 2005 (Zelurker) source

Feedback and discussion here -->

- Fix sound effects not working in aero fighters 2 & 3 (it was a communication bug between the 2 cpus, it's quite amazing that the problem was only in these 2 games !)
- Code cleanups for removing some of these warnings with gcc-4.

Here NeoCDPSP v0.5u4 26th July 2005 (Smiths)

Feedback and discussion here -->

+ Added separate-key rapid-fire support (read below)
+ Added cute Battery Meter to menus
+ Cleaned up menu browsing minutely
+ Goes without saying: No P$PUpdate$ posting por favor


Here v0.5u3 25th July 2005 (Smiths)

+ Added Button Combo Mapping
> A+B, A+C, B+C, B+D, C+D
+ Added default key mapping loading in case of upgrade/screwup
+ Still not to be posted on P$PUpdate$. Where's my free Premium Membership? I'm a dev!
+ Tiny alteration to Memory Card writing

Here v0.5u2 24th July 2005 (Smiths)

+ Key Config
+ Cleaned Memory between games (should now be "1 game, 1 card")
+ Occasional visual prompts when it's saving/loading
+ Offensive Content, so not to be posted on P$PUpdate$ (even though F*cktro was just as offensive, no? F***ing hypocrites)

Here v0.5u1 22nd July 2005 (Smiths)

Everything is the same as before, but now a file called "memcard.bin" will be created in each game's subdir and accessed as needed by the game.
You'll know when it's being accessed by the pretty orange light on your PSP.
Please note this is not SAVE STATE SUPPORT; it is simply emulating the Memory Card hardware the NeoCD system had. "Battery SRAM", as it might be called ;)

Here v0.5 21st July 2005

Source Here v0.5 21st July 2005

Discuss here -->

Music (mp3) playback bug in pause/play fixed (Last Resort seems ok now).
Rendering fixed (sprite disappearing)
New render using psp hardware
Improved GUI
New feature : autofire for A,B,C,D neogeo buttons
Changed memory io and z80 emulation with NeoDC 2.3 sources (music in more games)
New GFX from great pochi!
Screenshot (press R trigger), saved in uncompressed 24bits BMP (480x272)
Directory independant, you only have to put the whole files & bios in the same dir (no "/PSP/GAME/NEOCDPSP" directory only anymore)

Here v0.1 7th July 2005

Initial release of the new NeoCD PSP emulator!
neogeo cd emulation
memory card emulation
zipped/unzipped game
sound support
music support (with mp3 tracks, using libmad)
mutiples rendering mode with hardware stretching (thx to pspsdk & chp great work!)
222/266/333 Mhz

Information =

Discuss this release here

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