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Name = Neko Project 2

Authors /Website = Sakahi

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Ver0.33 5th October 2005
* FM the problem where the sound source was not just played back correction

Here v0.32 22nd September 2005

* The menu became easy to see...
* In order menu when operating the coming where also passes to lose, at the time of menu indication way emulation is stopped, modification
* When shifting the indicatory territory with such as 640x400, way in normally the menu is locked is indicated in PSP picture top correction
* File selective with the menu, the extension the problem where the file of small letter is not indicated correction
* PC98 mouse with mode, the left of cursor / the problem where acceleration of upper part direction movement does not stop correction
* Pochi style (http: The // it tried to use the idea contest of pochi compilation
* Enviroment for software development in PSPSDK movement (the middle)
* Executable file size of the EBOOT.PBP considerably became small

Here v0.3 25th August 2005

– Large picture support (432x270, 480x272 (wide), 480x300, 640x400)
– Software keyboard strengthening
– Sometimes mouse cursor processing (the rubbish appears in the picture) correction
– Operational the Clock (the 222/333mHz) Moved to the menu. It supports the retention of clock setting.
– The font of the menu became vague...

Here v0.21 13th August 2005

FDI image loading fixed
Termination process failure fixed
NP2's menu -> emulate -> Exit changed from X button to Home button
fixed when used np2's menu -> emulate -> Reset with HELP key, the system will goto the system setup menu
Simple config key mode added

Here v0.2 28th July 2005

Here v0.1 9th July 2005

Information =

Neko Project II is a PC-9801E emulator. The PC-9801E belongs to the non IBM compatible NEC PC-98xx family.

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