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Mini D-Pad Crystal Cover Review

Protect your screen


Lik Sang US$ 9.90 (~5.61 GBP)



Protect your PSP from scratches and damage. Includes a raised analog stick for ease-of-use. Also includes a Mini D-Pad stick. Provides an effective Anti-Shock protection


-Protects your PSP system
-Includes raised analog Controller & Mini D-Pad stick

The Review Itself

The PSP screen is a very expensive thing to replace if it gets scratched and ill be honest a real gamer wouldnt touch this protective screen with a bargepole but for anyone with children then this could be just down your street.

The cover has a much better analogue stick which to be honest ive left on and installation of the stick was really easy, basically it just pulls off. The screen itself is made of a good clear rigid plastic and you have the raised buttons on one side and the joystick on the other side, the device itself screws into the 2 holes on top of the PSP.

When fitted it doesnt hamper the screen and infact i was surprised by how good it was and remember that keeping scratches off the screen is the main use of this device. Although after a few days dust did build up so a good screen cloth is essential.

The Analogue Controller was much improved with the one provided. Onto the area where i wasnt as impressed, both the buttons and especially the Joystick over the D-Pad werent as responsive and the D-Pad area really gave me problems, it felt too clicky and unresponsive, but this is excellent for keeping your screen as scratch free as possible and if your Children play on your PSP i thoroughly recommend it

This isnt for the serious gamer, the controls dont feel right although the protection to the screen is good, if you have youngsters using the PSP then this is for you.

Overall i would give it a 6./10 - To be honest i didnt get on with it.

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