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PSP Homebrew

Name = Micro Game Engine

Authors /Website = mICrO


Downloads = Game Engine 4 18th November 2005

Here 16th October 2005

Information = Hello, MGE, aka Micro Game Engine, it's been ported from my original Windows(DirectX) 2D gaming library. Those examples show some of the functionalities and features. At the moment the features of MGE are:

16 bits rendering.
Manipulation virtual screens o VRAM screens areas.
Defining working screen (aka render target)
Sprite Drawing, with different mode, transparent, inked, etc.
Sprite Banks, for sprites animations, grouping and easily manipulation.
Clipping, Zoomed, Transparent copy of screens.
Basic input control.
Configuration XML file.
Data logging, with indentation and log levels.
TGA files reading (32 or 24 bits), include uncompress from gzip files.

Examples source code, and more info are could download from here:

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