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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Mandel Explorer (demo)

Authors /Website = Goatsucker



Downloads = Here 22nd July 2005

Information = PSP Mandel Explorer v1.0

Explore the Mandelbrot set on your PSP!

Install EBOOT.PBP to the Memory Stick at \PSP\GAME\MANDEL


Direction keys : Move around
Triangle: Zoom In
Cross: Zoom Out
Square: Less Detail
Circle: More Detail

Select: Change palette
Left/Right trigger: Animate palette

Start: Save .bmp file to root of MS
Home: Exit

The app starts off in maximum detail. This takes a few seconds to generate, to switching to a lower detail
with the Square button is recommended. The lowest detail setting can be moved/zoomed at near-realtime.

The app uses fixed point maths for speed - this means that if you zoom in too far the quality will degrade.

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