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Emulators for PSP

Name = MAME 0.71 for PSP (Nes Emulator for PSP)

Authors /Website = TMK / PSP Wiki

Screenshots -


Downloads = XMame PSP v0.71 r0.2Here 15th June 2005 (new release of same version)

Hundreds of Games Supprted , Tell us which games are working here -->

XMame PSP v0.71 r0.1 Here 11th June 2005

Information = Arcade emulator for the PSP :)

TMK of PSP Wiki has released a port of MAME 0.71 for the PSP, this release has a File selector built in and supports the folowing games:

Mr. Do!
Genpei ToumaDen
Hopping Mappy
Sky Kid Deluxe (Set 1)
The Return of Ishtar
neato burrito
Rolling Thunder (new version)
Wonder Momo

Button Config is as follows:

L+R+START = finish
L = TAB Menu
R = Pause
START = Start

Drop the files in PSP\GAME\MAMEPSP and your zipped roms in \PSP\GAME\MAMEPSP\ROMS

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