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PSP Homebrew

Name = LuaTris

Authors /Website = Hagger


Downloads = August 23rd 2005

LUAtris 0.1 PSP 1.5 version standalone version (if you don't want to download LUA).

LUAtris 0.1 PSP 1.0 version standalone version.

LUAtris 0.1 PSP LUA 0.7 version (if you already got LUA 0.7b7 or better.)

Information = Tetris Game for the PSP

You can play module music files, and use custom backgrounds.
The music browser starts with folder ms0:/PSP/MUSIC/
The background image browser starts with the folder you got LUAtris in.

If you want to use custom backgrounds, you'll need to use 480x272 pixels big PNG files.
The font color will be extracted from pixel 0x0 in the loaded PNG file.
Check the images in \bg\ too see how it can be done.
If somebody actually bothers making any backgrounds, then feel free to mail them to me
and I'll might put them on my homepage.

You'll need LUA 0.7b7 or better to run this game.
The script is a uncommented mess, but take a look if you want to.
Feel free to send me improvements if you make some.

- First release, hopefully with most bugs fixed.
- No vertical mode yet. :P

Left and Right = Control Piece
Down = Drop faster
Circle = Rotate Clockwise
Cross = Rotate Counter-clockwise
Triangle = Screenshot
L-Trigger = Load a module music file
R-Trigger = Load a custom background
Start = Pause
Select = Restart (or quit if you use Lowser)

Up and Down = Scroll list
Left and Right = Scroll list faster
Cross = Open file/directory
Triangle = Up one directory
L-Trigger = Switch between time and name sorting
R-Trigger = Switch between selected and all file open mode
Start = Back to game”

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