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PSP Homebrew

Name = Lua Text Reader for PSP

Authors /Website = Hagger


Downloads = August 23rd 2005 v0.2 Here

- Filebrowser is now in a separate file.
- Fixed bug in filebrowser code.
- Added many new features in the filebrowser.
- Redid some of the filebrowser code, easier to understand now.
- Reader can now open all kind of files.
- Holding circle will now scroll 33 lines (a.k.a. 1 page) and not 100.
- Added optional module music playback when reading.
- Added alternative colors.

August 15th 2005 v0.1 here

Information = A text reading/viewing program, made in LUA for PSP.
There's no text wrapping, and the UNIX/PC text mode switch is crap.
Will prolly crash if you load a very big text file too.

Opens files that's named *.txt, *.lua, *.ini, *.h, *.c, *.hpp, *.cpp, *.hxx, *.cxx,
*.html, *.htm, *.php, *.asp, *.aspx, *.java, *.js, *.vb, *.vbs, *.asm and *.bat

- First release, hopefully with most bugs fixed.


-Up and Down = Scroll list
-Cross = Open file/directory
-Triangle = Up one directory
-Start = Restart (or quit if you use Lowser)

-Up and Down = Scroll text vertical
-Left and Right = Scroll text horizontal
-Cross = Hold down to scroll fast
-Circle = Hold down to scroll faster
-L-Trigger = UNIX/PC text mode switch
-R-Trigger = Line numbers off/on
-Select = Return to menu

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