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PSP Homebrew

Name = Lua PSP Paint Me

Authors /Website = Raptrex


Downloads = v0.11st October 2005

Information = basic paint app (youll need the Lua Player to play this)

PSP Paint Me
Created By : Raptrex

Home Page -
New site for psp developers to show off their work

-For Lua Player 0.10 and above
-Place PAINTME (all caps) in Application directory in lua player

How To Use:
-Left Trigger to View PNG (images)
-Right Trigger to Paint (make pictures)

-Anolog Stick to move cursor
-Cross (x) to draw line
-Square to clear screen
-Triangle for Help Screen
-Select to save Images
-Start to quit

(View PNG)
-Cross (x) to select directory and image file (png only)
-start to go back to directory (when viewing image)
-Start to quit

Change Log:

9/30/05 V.0.1
-Can save multiple images
-Can view images in png viewer

-Make paint.lua and png/browser.lua go back to index after quiting
-Maybe music support to play in background?


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