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PS2 Knife/Card Swap Tutorial by Guichi

- Save the picture template here cog-knife.jpg , print it out using your home printer and cut out the figure with a pair of scissors. take a uneeded credit card and put the template under the credit card. you can secure it with pieces of tape. begin to cut the credit card to the shape of the template. once you are done you should have an odd piece of plastic that will enable you to swap discs.


- Unclip the front of the cd tray face,being careful not to break the pins holding it to the rest of the cd tray.(This will not void your warranty by removing 'void' sticker.

- Put in your Game Shark 2 Action Replay 2 Disc(Dvd Region X will also work but this tutorial will not cover it). Let it load until it reaches the main menu.



- Select-->Start game-->Without Codes.At this point DO NOT push the EJECT button!

- Use the tool you have just created and move it to the left side of the white pin just under your tray.Push the white pin now carefully as far as right as it goes. push it out to a reasonable point you can simply pull it out with your hands. -[WARNING]- you may want to use felt pads on your cd tray for some versions of the gameshark action replay such as 1.6 - 1.9 as they do not stop spinning and may scratch your disc during swap.

- exchange the Gameshark/Action Replay Cd with your cd-r.

- Push back the cdtray with your hand until you hear it click back into place, at times you may need to use the tool to get it as far back into its closed position.

- Press X

Basic cogswap actions

Action 1 shows the tool already in place to be turn the white pin/cog. To do this manuver the hook-like portion of the tool just behind the pin so that hooks the pin well. if it does not hold it well simply trim pieces of until you feel comfortable with how well it goes in. Once in place the tool must be moved all the way to the left as possible.

Action 2 is done once all of action 1 has taken place. the tool should be all the way to the left. begin to give the tool some tension to the left while pushing the front of the tool as far to the right as you can in order to push the tray out.

Once you have swapped discs then put the tool back to its original position. to start the process all over again.


-have fun!

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