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Emulators for PSP

Name = InfoNES for PSP (Nes Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = PSP Wiki

Screenshots -

Downloads = Port of v0.95 to PSP Here 9th july 2005

Here r3 19th may 2005 (TMK)

Information = translation via babelfish

It is the NES emulator which operates with the InfocNes v0.94j for PSP r0.3 TMK PSP. The InfocNes is designated as the base. Sound does not come out yet. Method of using: Drawing up the folder suitably in the /PSP/GAME, please copy the EBOOT.PBP. Please prepare the ROM by your. It does not correspond to the data compressed file. As for size of the ROM 64k rank is made the upper limit. Operation method: B: X Button A: 0 button other keys are the same as the apparatus. Future schedule: * Optimization * operativity improvement * sound reference: GB File Selector Hello World, PSP! You appreciate in the great preceding people. Past record: 2005/05/15 r0.1 temporarily can be played the edition release

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