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Name = Rin (Gameboy/Gameboy Colour Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Mr. MIRAKICHI


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Downloads = Rin v1.32 Here August 23rd 2005

+ Fixed a rare bug with data loss on power off data = save data
+ Forced sleep on critically low battery
+ Others

Rin v1.31 Here August 9th 2005

save compression speed-up
on-memory state save
battery warning

Rin v1.3 Here July 25th 2005

Rin v1.29 Here July 19th 2005

Rin v1.28 Here July 16th 2005

Rin v1.27 Here July 14th 2005

Rin v1.26 (EE/Test release) Here june 28th 2005

Rin v1.26 Here june 26th 2005

Rin v1.25 Here june 21st 2005

Rin v1.24 Here june 12th 2005

Rin v1.23 Here june 12th 2005

Rin v1.22 Here june 12th 2005

Rin v1.21 Here june 7th 2005

Rin v1.2Here june 7th 2005

Rin v1.19 Here june 2nd 2005

Rin v1.18 Here

Information =

RIN v1.23 - OFFICIAL English Readme

A GB/GBC for the PSP based off the Windows TGB Dual source.
In order to use this, a v1.0/v1.5 PSP is required

Make a folder on your memory stick called /PSP/GAME/RIN
Place the EBOOT.PBP file into the same folder
Please place ROMs in any folder you like

After that, from your HOME screen navigate to GAME¨MEMORY STICK¨RIN
Select RIN to run the emulator

Game's save files can be made in a subfolder called "SAVE". This folder will be created automatically if it doesn't exist.

Default Controls:
O: A Button
X: B Button
Triangle: A Button (rapid fire)
Square: B Button (rapid fire)
L: In-Game Menu
START: Start Button
SELECT: Select Button
R+START: Quick Load (Save State)
R+SELECT: Quick Save (Save State)

---[File Browser Wallpaper Information (feature added by kwn)]---
Place a file called RINMENU.BMP in the same working directory as RIN
The file MUST obey the following format rules:
@+ 480x272x24bit Windows BMP format
@+ Have a header size of 0x36byte (Making the file size 391,734 bytes)*
*If you use a standard image editing program, the above rules should automatically be followed, creating a proper BMP file

---[Version History]---
v1.23 (2005/06/12)
+ Fixed a bug in Save State thumbnail creations
+ Added ability to delete Save State files
+ Good stuff

v1.22 (2005/06/12)
+ Put in Super Gameboy Border support (screen must be in 1x mode)
+ Super Gameboy screen rendering bug fixed
+ Placed a fix for screen distortion when switching to TURBO mode
+ Has State Save thumbnail creation support
+ And others

v1.21 (2005/06/07)
+ Crushed freezes/bugs with Super Gameboy support

v1.2 (2005/06/07)
+ Knows Super Gameboy Palette support
+ Enabled "Turbo Mode"
+ Ruka's latest Unzip library for PSP is now used
+ Such and such

v1.19 (2005/06/02)
+ Uses times stamps in save state files
+ Changes to the Save State interface
+ Kinds of Performance Enhancements
+ Supports Auto Frame Skipping
+ A lot...

v1.18 (2005/05/30)
+ Fullscreen mode speed optimizations (YASIT)
+ Pseudo-coloring of GBMono games in GBC/GBA mode
+ Changes to the menu's interface
+ Others

v1.17 (2005/05/27)
+ Improved Japanese file sorting algorithm (AC)
+ Performance enhancements (syn-z)
+ Sound Buffer Length selection (syn-z)
+ Pausing of sound during quicksave / quickload (kmg)
+ Added "reset" option
+ Altered timing of setting saving
+ "SAVE" folder automatic creation
+ Ability to change equipment type added
> IMPORTANT: Even if you select GBA, you will NOT be able to run GBA software
> This option is designed for GBC games that detected/offered special items if played on a GBA (Zelda, etc.)
+ Others

v1.16 (2005/05/26)
+ Added full screen mode (panda)
+ x2(doublesize) mode became x2(fit) mode (panda)
+ SRAM SAVE is perfectly automated
+ Fixed bug when VSYNC was OFF and you were unable to exit the program properly
+ Others

v1.15 (2005/05/24)
+ Multiple Save States (selectable via menu)
+ Fixed a bug in the Timer Function
+ Hitting a shortcut key combination will output the message associated with the command
+ Others

v1.141 (2005/05/23)
+ Fixed error accessing memory stick if sleep function is used

v1.14 (2005/05/23)
+ Analog pad sensitivity adjustments (kmg)
+ Control Motion Sensor via analog pad (Tilt N Tumble, etc.)
+ Adjusted key configuration's shortcut key input
+ Added "AnalogPad to D-Pad" option in key config

v1.13 (2005/05/22)
+ Performance Improvements (LCK & ruka)
+ ZIP File support (henoheno & ruka)
+ Analog pad support (kmg)
+ Various items added to key config
+ Ability to define simultaneous button presses in key config
+ Others

v1.12 (2005/05/20)
+ Timer functions added
+ Wait Stepping On/Off via button
+ Performance Improvements (LCK & ruka)
+ 3 Screen Modes added (z-wrt)
> x2 (scanline) - Scanline draw every 4 lines
> x2 (uncropped without top) - doublesized display with top 16 pixels omitted
> x2 (uncropped without bottom) - doublesized displaye with bottom 16 pixels omitted
+ Others

v1.11 (2005/05/19)
+ Wait Step
+ Wallpaper brightness adjustment (by Natakanin [??])
+ Speed Up adjustments (syn-z & ruka)
+ Others

v1.1 (2005/05/17)
+ Sound Support
+ GUI Color Setting (NOT GB Palette editing)
+ Automatic save file creation
+ Auto-SRAM saving (by Smiths)
+ 1.5x (filtered) screen size@(by kwn)
+ Key Config@(by kwn)
+ Wallpaper Support (by kwn)
+ AB Button Rapid Fire Support (by kwn)
+ Configuration Saving@(by kwn)
+ HOME Button Exit Support (by mh_)
+ Other changes (can't remember)

v1.0 (2005/05/14)
+ Manual SRAM Saving
+ 2x Stretch mode

v0.9 (2005/05/13)
+ ROM Image selection
+ 2x (double-size) support
+ VSYNC ON/OFF Selection
+ Button configuration changes

Use at your own responsibility. Distribute freely.

/* ------------------------------------------------
@by Mirakichi
------------------------------------------------- */

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