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Authors /Website = PSPKrazy


Downloads = FTPD21raf1.1 12th September 2005 (RAF)

I implemented a crude rename for FTPD. It has almost no error checking, but it seems to work fine for now..
I'll release a new "official" release later.

FTPD21raf1 11th September 2005 (RAF)

I'm releasing a new version of FTPD (based on pspkrazy's 0.21). All this hack really does now is allow you to configure your own username/password in a config file. It's also compiled against the latest SDK/toolchain (svn r1024); and has some other small fixes/etc. Nothing big though. But if you're concerned with security; then this may help a bit. I include eboots for 1.0 and 1.5 (although I haven't tried it on a 1.0 psp), and also all the source code. I updated also libnet a bit (using pspvnc's and my own changes), but it's still far from perfect..

Here v0.21 15th July 2005

Here v0.2 11th July 2005

Here v0.1 5th july 2005

Information = FTP Program for the PSP.


Here is a simple but working FTP server for the PSP.
With it, you can send files to your PSP without any cables, in Wireless (WIFI).
It is based on 's networking example and some parts were taken from 's httpd.
It is a complete rewrite of a ftp deamon for education purposes.


Wireless network must be configured properly in PSP's OS. Infrastructure mode only. IP adresses must be static. The first network on the list will be picked.
Launch the FTPD server like any other homebrew.
Wait till it says 'Connected'.
Launch any ftp client on your PC pointing to the address shown on the psp screen.
The user is: pspkrazy
The pass is: pspftp
You're done (see "What you should know").
What you should know

i'm french, so sorry for my poor english !
it is very basic (written in few hours), so it has bugs and security flaws! Like with httpd, don't expose sensitive files on your MS.
it is mono threaded. Few ftp clients will work at the moment. Perhaps you will have to configure to be sure they do not use multi threaded connections.
not all the ftp grammar is implemented. For exemple, it's impossible to rename files at the moment.
i will improve stability in next versions.

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