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Name = fMSX for PSP (MSX Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Osakana

Screenshots -



Downloads = Here v0.62bplus August 5th 2005

Ok, I reduced the size to the minimum to run Snatcher and at the same time we get smaller save states (around 400kb).
In order to make a release that was worth slightly more, I beautified the key profile menues, and made them more userfriendly. Hope you find that useful.

Here v0.62a August 5th 2005

This release includes all the fixes from the fMSX v0.61+ release (by unknown author), plus another minor update by myself, but one that might be useful for a lot of people. I added the possibility to save different key profiles. Since several MSX games make extensive use of the keyboard, and since you might have different key layouts for each of them, now you can save and load them from the KEY CONFIG menu. The option to do this is at the bottom of the menu.

You have three "slots" to save them. I guessed those would be enough. If you guys want more, they can be easily added. Just to make things clear, the configuration and requirements are the same as for version 0.61

Here v0.62 -Snatcher August 2nd 2005 (Snatcher)

This minor release of the fMSX emulator simply fixes an omission made by teh guy that originaly ported the emulator. I really wanted to run the MSX Snatcher translation, and I fiddled around with the code. I did port it to PSP SDK, but it crashed again and again.. so I used the original method to test the results and that is what I persent to you.

The modifications where simple, the original author had set the RAM to the maximun possible on the MSX, but forgot to change the variable that holder the RAM size.. so games with higher requirements didn't run.

The changed file is included in this zip file.

-- Snatcher

Here v0.61+ June 16th 2005 (unknown coder)

Here v0.61 June 16th 2005

Here v0.6 June 13th 2005

Here v0.5 June 11th 2005

Here v0.2 Soundfix Edition (KWN) June 8th 2005 (buggy release)

Here v0.3 7th June 2005

Here v0.2s 6th June 2005

Here v0.2 5th June 2005

Here v0.1 4th June 2005

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MSX emu for PSP

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