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App Name = Elf to PBP Converter

Authors Website =

RUN HOMEBREW Code on your Japanese PSP (v1.0 dont flash )


Downloads = Latest File v0.3

Original Version

Information =

Slightly updated version of the elf2pbp tool.

The included param.sfo file is now made as simlpe and generic as i could
while it would still work. You can now also set the name of your app from the command line

eg: ebp2elf main.elf "My First Demo"

This tool takes an elf file compiled for psp and "converts" it into a PBP file.
You can then copy this pbp file to a subdir in "PSP/GAME" on your memcard (eg to "PSP/GAME/APP1/EBOOT.PBP")
This tool has been designed so that you could run it at the end of your makefile,
you could even set your makefile to then copy the pbp to your psp after making it
(assuming you first set your psp to usb mode).

Let the pspdev begin!

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