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PSP Homebrew

Name = Dual Tetris

Authors /Website = pspepe /


Downloads = Dual Tetris v2.0 15th August 2005

Change log:

* Added skins (new backgrounds and pieces).
* Thanks to Gandalf the Grey and rmedtx for the graphics.


Here Dual Tetris v1.65 4th August 2005


* Added Shuffle and Loop modes to the mp3 player (Analog stick Up)
* Some changes in the game play now you can move the piece faster.

Thanks to Nem, the autor of PSPMedia Center, Tha autor of the FancyPrint functions, thanks to dj jones of bronx for the music.

Here v1.61 1st August 2005

Hi this is a quick fix


* Fixed the bug in classic mode that slows down the moving piece using the dpad

Here v1.6 1st August 2005

* Mp3 playback (Analog stick left: previous song. Right: next song.Select pause song. PSP Remote control support for MP3 plaback )
* In classic mode you can now use the pad and the buttons for moving the piece.
* Every 10 lines the level raise up.

Here v1.0 20th July 2005 (fixed for v1.0 now too)

Information =

Ive made a tetris clone with a little variant: 2 pices falling

BTW the README its in spanish (i'm Mexican) but it just says that

Left Piece:

pad left - move left
pad right - move right
pad down -move down
L trigger - rotate

Right Piece:
Square - move left
Circle - move right
Cross -move down
R trigger - rotate

Start - Pause game
Select - Mute

I Hope you like it. Its difficult in the beginning but then its fun I think.

My English isnt very good i hope u can understand

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