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Homebrew for PSP

Name = DJSP (MP3 Player for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Cooleyandy

Screenshots -

Downloads = Here v0.14a 26th August 2005

Information = 0.131a (8-8-2005)

- MP3s that are playing too fast now plays correctly. Upsampling of lower than 44khz MP3s.
- I've added an ***easter egg*** (bonus) feature just for fun. *hint* analog.
- If you found this update, you must have visited my website. Enjoy this secret release.

and from a release 2 days earlier

- 3 new visual (Plasma Desuka, Remixed Chaos, and Aqua Space), brings to a grand total of 10 visuals!
- Option to Cross Fade between Visuals (Per Song, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, Off) Press Select to bring up the Options Window.
- Now searches for all MP3s in /PSP/MUSIC/ including subfolders.
- Implemented skip to Previous or Next Song. Press Left for previous and Right for Next. Holding Left will restart song, and Holding Right will Fast Forward.
- Much much faster Fast Forward with acceleration. Holding Right Longer seeks faster and faster.
- Implemented Headphone Remote Support.
- Altered code to load essential files from installed folder/directory.
* It means that you can use any of the corrupt icon hiding programs and DJSP will still work.
* Also means all those people with mp3 window freezing problems can now run the program.
- When exiting the program, you have to press the Home Key instead of Select. I needed Select.
- Other small bug fixes. (They are more like ants this time compared to those earlier roaches)
- Rewrote and added more concise instructions in the readme.txt
- I've been hearing a lot of good things about using DJSP and grafting it into the Car's Dashboard. I'd love to see some pics of them. Send them in and I'll post it up onto the website.
- This is the biggest update I have made so far. Finally, this visual mp3 player is taking shape. :-) I still remember the days when the visuals were nothing but 10 lines of decimal numbers. Now after a couple of weeks, it's looking quite nice. Thanks to all the suggestions and complements. I've tried to put in as much as time allowed. If you can help out a bit, I don't have the money to support the website hosting. Every $10 I get allows me to keep the webspace for one more month. And if I ever (hopefully) get enough for a 2nd psp, I'll start doing research on adhoc and infrastructure access. I was envisioning a PSP version of Tetrinet. Or perhaps *legal* mp3 trading, but I digress. Enjoy DJSP 0.13a.

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