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Emulators for PSP

Name = Dgen PSP (Genesis/Megadrive Emulator for the PSP)

Authors /Website = Syn-Z

Screenshots -

Downloads =Dgen PSP v1.30 20 January 2006 V1.0 File V1.5 File / Discuss Here

Ver 1.30 * Turbo mode mounting (in ??????? addition)
* Deletion functional addition of state (SELECT + ?)
* State saving / load verification message option addition
* State date indication
of saving

Dgen PSP v1.20 1st December 2005 V1.0 File V1.5 File

Ver 1.20 * Existing 68k core version rise (MUSASHI 2.0A in 3.3 modification)
* High speed 68k core mounting
* Existing 68k the core and high speed it changed the 68k core with setting and made possible
* Z80 core replacement
* Core change and reset were added to the ???????
* High speed the 68k core and the Z80 core the NeocCdpsp (the Yoyofr) diverted the thing

Dgen PSP v1.11 1st November 2005 V1.0 File V1.5 File

Sram error fixed

Dgen PSP v1.10c 31st October 2005 V1.0 File V1.5 File

Dgen PSP v1.10 23rd October 2005 V1.0 File V1.5 File Discuss this release here -->

Ver 1.10 * VSYNC speed decrease it is not even with ON
* Frame addition of skip and
type * Screen in mode 4: 3 addition
* Sound quality improvement (DAC part)

Dgen PSP v1.00 7th October 2005 V1.0 File V1.5 File Discuss this release here -->

* The Ver0.93 -> occurs with 0.95 correction
of the bug which * When turning the PSG to OFF, is frozen correction
of the bug which * Several correction of trouble
of games * State sound becoming strange with the load correction
* When sound setting (sampling rate) changing, sound becoming strange correction
* Sound quality improvement (DAC part)
* Performance improvement

Dgen PSP v0.95 12 September 2005 V1.0 File V1.5 File Discuss this release here -->

– Added “Cheat List” to SKIN.png
– Number of scenes of cursors is changed from 4 to 8 in SKIN.png
– Cheat codes supported
– Skin specifications changed a bit
– Force sleep when battery runs low
– Data losing issue when turning the power off is now fixed

Dgen PSP v0.93 3rd September 2005

• Menu picture correction () such as skin correspondence and color
• Battery information, clock indication
• The single unit allotment functional addition of L and R key
• Speed adjustment functional improvement

v0.90 19th August 2005

Background image correction
Speed functionality improvement
L button for menu
Change page with R button
MENU.BMP or MENU.PNG are menu bg images
BG.BMP or BG.PNG are background images
Games in corresponding folders:

V0.80 (1.5 psp version) 2nd August 2005

– Added state saving
– Several in-game problems improved

* State Save
- 1 game can have 350KB for state saving (1 file is 30+KB * 10)
- States are saved in "STATE" sub-folder with the same fold where the EBOOT.PBP is.
- When loading state, the sound will be strange. Please bear with it m(_ _)m
- Contents in SRAM is not included
- State Slot 0-4, 5-9
[On Memory and MS] : Save into memory when playing, and write to MS when the program exits
[On MS ] : Save directly into MS even playing
[On Memory Only ] : Save into memory only (All date will be lost when program exits)

States are loaded from MS as default. You need to choose which mode to use manually.

* Increment State Save
The Using of Slot 0-9, 0-4 or 5-9 for saving can be automatically switched. You need to bind this function in the "key config".


V0.70 18th July 2005

Setting and retention
* Screen mode addition (Fit&Full)
* Sound volume setting and addition
* Sound left and right the bug which is opposite correction

v0.60 8th July 2005

- Sound improved
- Sound settings (11/22/44khz, DAC)
- Region settings
- Speed adjustment
- Key repeat in menu screen

v0.50 released 2nd July 2005

Here v001 released 18th June 2005

Information = Fast emulator with Sound

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