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Emulators for PS1 Pages (They May work on PS2)


Description ColemPSX is a colecovision Emulator for the Playstation 1 Console.

AUTHOR james higgs





ColemPSX version 0.2a

By Jum Hig 9/2000

This is the an alpha version of my Colecovision emulator for PSX.
It is hardcoded to run only one ROM (Kevtris), but has been
tested with many and most run. Acceptably.

An acceptable frame rate of about 48 to 63 fps is achieved using
cycle-count cheating, and frame-skipping set to 3 (hardcoded).
Preliminary sound is enabled (sorry no noise channel yet :)

To use:
1. Find the Colecovision bios rom "coleco.rom" or one of the hacked
Colecovision roms.
2. Find the homebrew Colecovision game "Kevtris" rom.
3. With "coleco.rom" and "kevtris.rom" in the same directory as
"colem", use psexe or similar to run "colem".

psexe colem

The colem binary, once uploaded to the PSX, will load "coleco.rom"
and "kevtris.rom" off your PC.

Of course you will need psexe or similar and an Xplorer or AR to
upload colem to your PSX.


Use the PSX pad.
Square 0 key
L1 1 key
L2 2 key
R1 3 key
R2 4 key
Triangle 5 key
Select Pause
Start Start

ColemPSX is (heavily) based on Marat Fayzullin's "Colem" portable
Colecovision emulator source code, so thankful credits are due to

Credits to go to the writers of the Colecovision tech docs, and
the writers of the MESS Colecovision source code.

I'm also busy with and Asteroids emu for PSX, so look out for a
release of that soon.

And I've also been messing with NES and PCEngine emu's for the PSX,
but the frame rates are dismal (max. 15 fps and 9 fps respectively).
Looks like the PSX just doesn't have the CPU crunchpower to do these
at any sort of respectable speed :{ I'll have to get a PS2 soon...

Greets to all psxdev'ers.

- James Higgs

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