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Description ColemPS2 is a Colecovision Emulator for the PS2.

AUTHOR James Higgs





ColemPS2 version 1.0b

By Jum 6/2002

This is my PS2 port of the "COLEM" Colecovision emulator.
It has been tested with many game images and almost all run fine.
I'd say about 90% of the games are playable. Those that aren't
usually rely on a special controller (trackball etc), about which I
haven't been able to find any useful info.

Preliminary sound is enabled (the noise channel is not right).

To use:
1. Find the Colecovision bios rom "coleco.rom" or one of the hacked
Colecovision roms (the hacked versions normally bypass the irritating
12-second title screen when the Colecovision boots up).
2. Find some Colecovision game images. Make sure that they are exactly 8K,
16K, 24K or 32K. (Some images have a 50-byte header added, and they
don't work).
3. Place the bios rom and your game images in the same directory as
"colem.elf" and other files in the zip.
4. Edit "FILES.TXT" to reflect the names of your game images and their paths.
The format of FILES.TXT is the same as that of PSMS.
5. Copy naplink.exe to the same directory.
6. Use naplink to run "colem.elf".

execee host:colem.elf

The colem binary, once uploaded to the PSX, will load "coleco.rom"
and "files.txt" off your PC. You can then select a game from the list.

Of course you will need Naplink and the neccessary cable etc to upload colem
to your PS2.


Use the PSX/PS2 pad.
Square 0 key
L1 1 key
L2 2 key
R1 3 key
R2 4 key
Triangle 5 key
Select Pause
Start Start

Press SELECT & START together to exit back to the ROM Select screen.

ColemPS2 is (heavily) based on Marat Fayzullin's "Colem" "portable"
Colecovision emulator source code, so thankful credits are due to

Credits to go to the writers of the Colecovision tech docs, and
the writers of the MESS Colecovision source code.

I've also been messing with a PCEngine emu's for the PS2, and perhaps
I'll do a port of a good NES emu.

Greets to all psx devers and ps2 devers, and to all in #psx2dev (especially
the ones who moan about emulators :)

- James Higgs (aka Jum)

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