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PSP Homebrew

Name = CN Reader

Authors /Website = Ryuu


Downloads =

CN Reader v2.0 by Moon 30th October 2005

CNReader Fix v4.1 by Ahtya 25th October Release v1.0 files / V1.5 files

CN Reader 1Mhz Version 14th September 2005 Here ( pppwww)

CNReader 8-15 Here 15th August 2005 (phillip release)

v1.0 with MP3 Support Here July 30th 2005

Here v1.0e1

Information = Text Viewer for the PSP.

CN. Reader v1.0e1 is based off code from "MOON"'s CN. Reader v1.0 release.
This is an English translation only, no new features or bug fixes have been added.

1: Unicode & Ansi support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English TXT.
2: A menu to choose text files from.
3: Bookmarks - each TXT file can have 50 bookmarks.
4: Support chinese Song style font.
5: High speed view.
6: HOME button support.
7: Txt file size up to 8MB.

Controls when viewing text:

up ---- Scroll up one line
down ---- Scroll down one line
left ---- Scroll up one page
right ---- Scroll down one page
L ---- Scroll up 1000 lines
R ---- Scroll down 1000 lines
/\ ---- Load book mark
[] ---- Save book mark
X ---- Back to TXT file select menu
Select ---- Options menu
HOME ---- Back to psp menu

Known issues:
-Terrible word wrapping
-Some English letters displays as asian characters.

To get around the bad word wrapping, you have to word wrap your text files manually. This can be done using Notepad2 which is freeware and can be downloaded from

Open the .txt file in Notepad2. Click "View" - "Long Line Settings..." and type 60 and click OK. Then resize the windows width to the gray line. Hit ctrl-A to select all the text, then hit ctrl-I about 10 or so times to fit all the text into the window. Finally, save the file and load it up in CN. Reader.


Icon files were created using Giga Phil's template.

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