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PSP Homebrew

Name = Circles

Authors /Website = modsyn


Downloads =Here 3rd October 2005


Circles: A PSP Game (written in LUA)
This game requires at least v0.10 of LuaPlayer to work (using the added hex abilities)

X: shoot
O: grenade
UP: speeds up normal analog sensitivity
DOWN: slows down normal analog sensitivity
START: pause
RT: speeds up crosshair (only when held down)
LT: slows down crosshair (only when held down)

The object of the game is to shoot the targets before they hit all edges
of the screen. You start with 3 lives, and when you lose a life the screen
will flash red. If you shoot a target before it hits any edges, you get a
grenade. If you shoot a grenade then no matter where you shoot you will hit the


written by modsyn ~:o
Credit to shine and nevyn for luaplayer
KawaGeo for organizing LPut:
-- Nils for math.round()
-- KawaGeo for Image:drawEllipse()
-- MikeHaggar for Image:magnify() (formerly, resize)
-- KawaGeo for Image:caption()
-- Shine for Image:rotate()
Also, thanks to:
Zach for helping with collision & then insisting that it's wrong.
Beta Testers (LordCthulu, RaiderX, MaHan05, qwerty)

look for other great titles by modsyn at

stay tuned as there is surely more to come.
contact: or see forums of psp-hacks

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