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Name = c64PSP (Commodore 64 Emulator for PSP)

Authors /Website = Urchin

Screenshots -

Downloads = c64PSP v0.3 Here 23rd December 2005 Discuss this release in the Official discussion thread here -->

Team c64psp would like to wish PSP users a Merry Christmas with a new version of c64psp!

New features

* Multiple screen modes (with vsync on firmware v1.5)
* Full speed, stable C64 emulation (no need for PSP overclocking)
* Excellent SID emulation
* Quit key combination for firmware v2.0 users
* Memory snapshot quickload and save
* Increased game compatibility


c64PSP v0.2 Here 9th October 2005 Discuss this release in the Official discussion thread here -->

c64psp features full c64 emulation, including sound. New features include:

Analog stick support
t64 and d64 image file support
Virtual keyboard for text entry

Many thanks to Magicruss and Nige for hammering preliminary versions.

c64PSP v0.1 Here 28th September 2005

Information = c64psp v0.1 by urchin

c64psp is a Sony PSP port of Christian Bauer's Frodo C64 emulator.

Download, unpack the zip file and copy the two c64psp directories to the /PSP/GAME directory on your PSP. Sit back and bask in blue screen 8 bit goodness. Now press the "Start" button...

Currently, disk image handling is not implemented, but pressing "Start" will load the file "snapshot.fss" from the main c64psp directory. USB connectivity is enabled on startup, so simply replace "snapshot.fss" with a snapshot saved from a desktop version of Frodo running your favourite game and just hit "Start" to reload.

Control is limited to emulation of the Port 2 joystick. Diagonals may not seem to work properly, but this seems to be a PSP problem, not an urchin problem. Response seems to improve after a bit of breaking in (of the PSP, not urchin)

Video seems to work well, though is not centered at the moment. Sound is working, but there seems to be some voice drop out - not sure yet whether this is Frodo, SDL_mixer, or urchin related.

c64psp has only been tested on a firmware V1.5 PSP and was developed using SDL for graphics, SDL_mixer for video and the pspdev compiler toolchain. Intended as a preview, there are many features missing and probably many unexpected features included. Use at your own risk and check back for updates.



26/09/2005: Initial version, v0.1:- It boots! It displays stuff! It makes noises!

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