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Name = Crappy Button Matching Game

Authors /Website = Alex Carroll /


Downloads = Here v0.2 20th July 2005

0.2 / 20th July 2005

Sorry for the quick release, and apologies for the zip getting bloated for 56k users. Changes:

* Added d-pad controls too, to mix it up a little
* Implemented a proper timer bar and moved the score display down
* Abandoned the 'levels' for now - bad idea...

Scores... 80 is alright, for your first couple of goes. Try and get over 100, although I'm sure more is entirely possible.

Here v0.1a 20th July 2005

0.1a / 20th July 2005 - Bug fix release

Well, it's still a bit (s)crappy, and the code's still a mess, but there's a couple of tweaks here and there to hopefully make it slightly more playable. Namely:

* Optimised the controller read routines (script file is now about half the size)
* Sorting out the score and time displays,
* Fixing the score display at the point of Game Over,
* Builds for v1.0 and v1.5 PSPs.,
* The icon and title in the PSP menu should be fixed, too...
* Timer now counts down quicker the more blocks you match (not playtested, though)

Here v0.1 19th July 2005

Information =

Crappy Button Matching Game 0.1
By Alex Carroll on 18th July 2005

Well, Shine's cracking work with the PSP port of Lua ( ) finally got me thinking I could do something half decent on the PSP... Well, someone can, surely? This thing is an open door to homebrew for those of us without any decent programming skills.

Honestly, the code I've scrambled out is absolutely appalling, but I'm blaming beer and a very late night. Hopefully the next effort might be slightly more playable. Comments (if you want) to - keep it clean. =)

All you have to do is press the right buttons before you run out of time. The timer and the score displays don't really work, but if you're quick you can add a little bit of time to the counter. Have a go, anyway, eh, you've already downloaded it... Just drop the two folders (corrupted icon ready hidden) into the normal place on your memory stick.

Cheers (again) to Shine for this, and (obviously) the PSP-Dev guys for getting homebrew onto our 1.5 machines.

Be good.


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