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PSP Homebrew

Name = BPDE (BPDE Desktop Environment )

Authors /Website = Bepe86


Downloads = Here October 7th 2005

I'm releasing the alpha version 1 of my API sriven shell. All API functions are currently written in C, but I'm planning on "converting" them to C later, as I learn more.

Controls are as follows:

-analog : move pointer
-cross : hold for more pointer speed
-left shoulder : increment the counter on the screen
-start : end program

It would be great if I could get some feedback on the coding.



PS: this is the framework for the upcoming PSP OSi

Ocotber 1st 2005 Here

Information = Just created the draft for a possible LUA shell, only for testing. I will not develop this one further, but I'm looking for a LUA shell project to join.

- Mouse pointer that is controlled with analog stick (can be used with X-button to increase cursor speed)
- Statusarea which shows current time (HH:MM) and battery status (percent/charging), and only updates every 60 fps (every second)

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