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TV Adapter Kit (Blaze) Review

TV adapter for PSP.


SuccessHK US$ 36.91 (~19.37 GBP)



The TV Adapter for PSP lets you hook up your PSP to your home television (NTSC and PAL) via Composite and Stereo connectors. This adapter requires no modification of your PSP console.


-Allows you to connect your PSP to your TV
-No Modification required - does not void warranty of PSP
-Composite and Stereo Sound connectivity
-6 cm in height; 14 cm long

The Review Itself

One of Sonys mistakes with the PSP was to not have a TV Out capability, sure the PSP is a portable games machine but on some games it would be awesome to play them on the big screen and with Sony boasting of the multimedia functions of the PSP via UMD movies it would be great to watch them as a family instead of limited to the Small screen.

Luckily a few months ago Blaze released their PSP to TV Adapter which unlike a previous adapter required No Modification, now unless your a tech wizard the this is the way to go and not to mention the fact that if you take your PSP apart then you void the warrenty.

The Blaze TV adapter uses mirrors and a projector to get the picture onto your big screen, the adapter itself is quite light even though the actual size is a bit on the large side and it does make pressing the Home button and the other buttons at that level hard to press although you can live with it so, so far so good. The adaptor can be used on PAL and NTSC tvs so thats another bonus, underneath you also have a button to switch between Game and Movie although i didnt spot any differences by each setting. The adaptor has a great Focus dial so to get the best picture its essential plus a brightness dial on the side.

The fitting of the TV Adaptor to the PSP takes about 2 seconds, its really that easy, the unit has cables to push into the PSPs power and audio slots and also a lead to connect to the TV, The unit doesnt come with its own power source so use your official Sony PSP power lead, do not use the USB Charger lead or cheaper power leads as they cause trouble and interference on the TV.

The setting up of the Focus and brightness on the TV once i connected took a few seconds, so now its time to try some games, the first thing i noticed that the colour was not crisp nor sharp and it seems on darker parts of games its a little hard to see, the audio quality of the adaptor was excellent throughout.

I tested games on it for a few hours and its great to see them on a much bigger screen at last, in my eyes the quality isnt a match for the PSP but to say this is an unnofficial adapter that doesnt require you to pull apart your PSP it gets a thumbs up.

Let me get my gripes out the way first, cleaning of the mirror inside to get rid of dust is going to be a nightmare, its certainly doable but not easy. The picture displayed isnt great for watching films, its decent enough for 40 minute bursts of gameplay but certainly not for films. Out of the 3 TV adaptors released for the PSP so far i feel this has the better options and the picture quality is as good if not better in a lot of areas, the fact that you dont have to mod it makes it very interesting for the General Public.

So do i recommend it, well just be sure to know that you arent getting PSP Quality graphics on your TV but they are good enough to be playable, the sound is perfect and the adaptor not too heavy.

Overall i would give it a 7.8 out of 10, its by no means perfect but the price and features do save it and if you want to try to watch PSP games on a TV then this is for you.



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