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PSP Homebrew

Name = Battleships

Authors /Website = Elevation Snow


Downloads =

October 18th 2005 Here

Elevationsnow has just released the latest version of his battleship game. Here is what he had to say:

Hey guys you may remember my release of the battle ship beta about a week ago and remeber it being incredibly slow and boring and ugly well its all updated its full screen its fun its fast right now you play against the psp but in a week or so expect wirless play against your friends. so first you place your ships and then you go into shooting down ships right now there are a few bugs like it auto selects yoru shoot spot the first time, and some ugly graphic errors but no biggies its most definatly playable so go shoot some psp ships!

October 14th 2005 Here

Information = Battleships for PSP

This is a very early version but i figured if any one really wanted to play it its playable

it will start of black screen now if you use the arrows to move your first ship and circle to rotate it then x to place it
then it will continue to ship 3 ship 4 ship 5 and the second ship 3 now you get a blue ocean use the arrow keys to select a point you wish to bomb it will tell you if you hit or miss then you hit O now its the computers turn it will show your ships and if the computer hit or miss hit triangle and continue until you or the computer wins again this is a verry verry very early beta expect much bigger and better in the near future. you will need the batship batship% and ships folder named correctly in the game folder

One more time very early beta

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