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Name = Basilisk II PSP Port (Mac Emulator)

Authors /Website = ChaosKnight

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Basilisk Sprint by Arwin 15th October 2005 (Source)

Anyway, I fixed a few small bugs. Now that there are two input routines dealing with either extended mouse control or the p-sprint integration, the 'Enter' key should be left to p-sprint. It's not necessary, but there's a small key-repeat bug (the Enter key now 'sticks' in keyboard emu mode) that you can simply get rid of by removing the non-p-sprint handling of that key. I also fixed the (number) 9 key (now gave 7) and the 5 and 6 keys (which were reversed). Other than that, most things seem ok now. You can test quite well with the Key Caps application - holding the key will eventually light it up on this virtual keyboard.

I also think that the extra mousemode isn't really necessary if you work out the threshhold levels better - only put full mouse speed near the extremes of the analog stick range, and let everything in between be slow/precise movement that you have on the cursor keys now should do the trick and removes the need for switching between different methods. I'll have a look if I can at least modify the p-sprint routine to work that way, then it won't do harm either

Updated Release by Chaos Knight 15 October 2005

Okay, I am releasing this in hopes to get more video-knowledgable people interested in helping out. There are two binaries I am posting. There is no system.dsk in these folders, you will need to provide your own system.dsk and mac.rom.

P-Sprint (press select to switch between P-Sprint and Mouse mode)
Automatically adds DSK and HFV files
Supports MacOS 8
3 Levels of mouse sensitivity (DPad = slow, Analog Light = Mid, Analog Heavy = Fast)

Fake Color (Fast but Red & Blue are reversed)

Real Color (Very Slow but all colors are proper)

I may not be working on this for awhile as work and life have gotten hectic simultaniously. Let me know if you want to develop and what piece, I would still like to maintain control of integration.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Here 11th October 2005

It looks like POSIX is required for Extended FS. I tried to get around it with writing my own functions but to no avail. Not enough time today. I'll work on it a bit later maybe. I'm taking suggestions for what to work on next (proper color? ethernet? mac os 8? who knows?). I have uploaded a new binary set (for unzipping on your memory stick!) which will load up any HFV or DSK file that is sitting around. No more required startup.dsk... although you can keep it and it will still work.

-- EDIT --
Forgot to put this in. The analog pad moves 2px at a time, which is too much for hitting small controls sometimes, so I made the DPad do 1px. Much easier.


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Information =

What Works

Video (wrong colors, slow)
Input (start = return, mouse = analog + X = click)

What Doesn't

External Filesystem (ability to use flash0:, mc0:, etc...)
Serial (no irda0: support yet)

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