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PSP Homebrew

Name = Attack of the Mutants

Authors /Website = DeNitro /


Downloads = Discuss all Mods and Original Game Here -->

Attack of the Mutants 0.4a - Modpack Edition / 7th November 2005

Changes-This released is packed with many great player made mods
-Added a temporary fix to load and play large mp3's that would previously crashed the game
-MP3's will now also play from within folders in "/psp/music"
-Fixed a bug where a folder property could be inadvertently set when compressing up a mod, hiding it from the mod list. (Thanks xxxdvlman)
-If NintendoDSMouth.png is a blank all teal file, a black rectangle will not be drawn on the Boss either
-If mp3 play is not enabled and a mod is loaded with no custom music, default AOTM music will reload
-A few other small bug fixes

NOTE: 1.0 users need to copy the "Mods" and "Sounds" folder out of the 1.5 AOTM to their 1.0 eboot folder.

For this release, I converted many of the included mods graphics to an indexed color system, making sure there was no quality loss from the original. This significantly reduces the total size of the Modpack, bringing the download to about 4 meg, and the install to about 8 meg

I want to give a big thanks to all the mod authors for making all these awesome mods!

I've been busy working on my other project lately, so I only got a few small fixes in the core game, but I do still plan on working more on this after the other project smooths out =)

Mods for October 31st 2005

First off, what are Attack of the Mutants Mods, well they are basically Graphical and Sound Replacement files that Overwrite the original game. For those who are graphical artists this has lead to a frenzy of releases.

Heres todays in List form:

Mars Attack by mikDaSpik
Paradroid by TracerTong
FF7 Edition by Broken Wing
Duck Hunt Extreme v2.0 by JoJaSc
South Park Edition by JoJaSc
War of the Handhelds by ShizeT

Socom2 by Konig94 29th October 2005

Space Invadors Atom Mod by Squee-D 29th October 2005

Most of you are probably too young to remember, but Space Invaders had a colour backdrop just like in the MOD. But it sure wasn't on the screen. They had a printed cardboard backdrop with a piece of glass in front of it at an angle, the glass reflected the monitor image giving you the overlay effect. In fact, there was no CPU in Space Invaders, IIRC it was all discrete logic chips.

So from one cutting edge technology to another...

Heres the early version of my Space Invaders mod.

None of the animated sprites are done yet, and I got lazy with the level texts :) Other than that though – brand new Main, Background, Pause and Game Over Screens. New sprites in wonderful monochrome! yay!

CheeseBurger by Bizzy 29th October 2005

Star Wars Episode VII AOTM Mod!! 28th October 2005

Here is my first mod for the greatest homebrew game on the PSP, Attack of the Mutants. Be sure to download the latest version of Denitro's AOTM_v0.4 then drop this entire folder into the Mods folder. Boot the game and then go to load mod. Voila! Enjoy!!

Overall theme and mod design by xxxdvlman
Title and background pics provided by the Hubble telescope
BG Music "The force (star wars remix)" composed by Sean Sindahl
Core AOTM game and most credit to Denitro. Thanks for the wonderful game!!

Here's version 0.4 of Attack of the Mutants =) 27th October 2005

-MP3 music now playable from "/psp/music" folder. Use L/R to cycle songs
-New EBOOT icon and wallpaper art made by ArKo. Thanks ArKo!
-In game screenshot support added using the SELECT button
-Support for multiple custom mods which are loadable from the main menu
-Support for custom level change text
-Score display now shows up to 9,999,999 points
-Small asteroids on bonus level 2 are now worth 50 points
-Analog support added to all menus
-Player's lasers no longer downgrade after failing a bonus level
-Player's laser graphic now moddable. Added info in Readme_Mod.txt
-Mods now support custom music. See Readme_Mod.txt for filename/formats
-A few minor gameplay changes/additions
-Minor bug fixes including...
--Score sometimes not being increased after completing the asteroid bonus level
--Pausing game no longer affects bonus level timmers

Since the mod support was added in 0.3, I've seen some amazing player made mode come out.
I'm thinking about compiling and releasing a mod pack on Sunday November 5th. If any mod authors would like to have your mod included, please E-mail it over to me before then at I'm curious to see the cool things you guys can come up with

Hope you guys have fun!

Duck Hunt Extreme 23rd october 2005 by JoJaSc (Mod of Aotm)

Super Metroid Mod 21st October 2005 by Arko

I made some new graphics for Super Metroid fans.

I did it just for fun and didn't expect anything great from it - but although its not finished yet i think its quite funny.

just unzip the graphics into your AOTM directory, thats all.
(for example H:\psp\game\aotm)

I also tried to make some screenshots, but thats not easy... the big boss killed me everytime before i could take a good picture =)

... so you have to go for it yourselves!

Star wars Mod 21st October 2005 by Jdemon

Ok here are my "beta" mods They are "Star Wars" themed. Just overwrite the folders to your gamecard. I think I did the 1.0 right but have no way of checking it since I have a 1.5....anyone?

I'm saying "beta" because I do intend to finish it of with some other sounds.

This is alot of fun DeNitro... once again thanks for sharing with the community. Is there any way you can make it so it saves your options? Oh and one other about some points for all the small asteroids you blow up?

Version 0.3 16th October 2005

-Ported AOTM to PSPSDK
-New Music added using Mikmodlib.
-Disabled anti-aliasing on 3D sprites to better fit the classic style (minor difference)
-Added 2 Bonus levels
-Basic modding support added to allow customized sprites/graphics. See README_MOD.txt for Info
-Size of eboot and game greatly reduced from version 0.2 (almost 70%)
-Added some 1-liners submited by BrokenWing
-Many minor bug fixes (all I know off). Thanks everone who submited them
-A few minor gameplay changes/additions

V0.2 22nd September 2005

9/20/05 - 0.2
Analog Support Added Due to Popular Demand!
Added Highscore List
Updated Main Menu and Pause Screen
Difficulty Slightly Lowered (Increased buffer size around player during new waves)
Boss Difficulty slightly increased
Fixed Bug with Power Up on Boss Level
Fixed Bug with Podgun firing on player spawn right away
Other Minor Changes

Here v0.1 9th September 2005

Information =

Thanks for Trying out Attack of the Mutants!

Copy contentents of 1.0 or 1.5 folder (depending on your firmare version)
in to your "\psp\game folder"

I Hope you have fun =)

I'd like to thank Nem and SEC for theHello World and snd sample and making this all possible
SEC - Saturn Expedition Committee -

Big thanks to KiLLeR - X for getting homebrew running on the 1.5's

I havn't changed over to the PSPSDK yet cause I didn't have much time to port the code and test.
I have looked at it though and it's amazing. Thank you ps2dev team for the incredible work.
With that it would be possible to do more then just move simple sprites around =P

Also thanks to the Homebrew community in general for all the donated time
to figure all this stuff out =)

Version History:
9/7/05 - 0.1
First Release


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