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PSP Homebrew

Name = ASTC

Authors /Website = Elka


Downloads = October 27th 2005 Here v1.0

Information = ASTC
code/design : elka []
wallpaper : GSS []
(taken without permission, where can i found his email ?!)

Beta V1.0

known bugs
- seems to crash after something like 10min of playing, probably due to a memory leek, need to check
whether it crashes during a game or just when restarting a game.

- ok, major problem is, THIS GAME IS BORING, so as i'm not a tetris fan, i would really like to
add funny things like maybe some combo possibilities, a lumines like mode (where the blocks could be brocken
in pieces when they fall) or just another game whith blocks that's more funny and intelligent to play :)

So all comments / ideas / feedback are welcome, fell free to email me or post comments
at thanx in advance :)


Thanks :
Big thanks to Mph for the downgrader, big up to all the guys from the ps2dev site that have been doin some
great stuff with the pspsdk.

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