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App Name = PSP Swap Trick Exploit

Authors = PSP DEV

Here's a basic rundown on how to "convert" a normal homebrew program to run on a 1.5: Take a program called the "MS Swap Tool" Select the homebrew file you want to use on your 1.5 PSP Select an Output Directory Click on "Generate Files" and it will make 2 directories on your Harddrive. Copy the stuff in MS1 into a directory like \PSP\GAMES\TEST on your first Memory Stick Copy the stuff in MS2 into a directory like \PSP\GAMES\TEST on your second Memory Stick Now, to actually launch the file: Take out any UMD that may be in the PSP Go to the Game > Memory Stick menu and highlight the Launcher Icon but don't press any buttons As soon as you press the button to launch the homebrew app, you must quickly swap out your first memory stick with the second memory stick

WARNING: Removing the memory stick while the PSP is accessing it can damage the memory stick and possibly damage your PSP as well.

Download the files needed here --> v2 Here Discuss Here -->

First version had a bug. It's fixed this time. ||
|| Linux version has been added too.

Its prooved it works so try it and discuss your results here -->

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