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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Media Player:

Authors /Website = gaeko99/ jockyw2001


Downloads = PSP Media Player 16/11/2005

The idct is now done with the me too. On a row basis, idcts are done at the same time of macroblocks decoding and motion compensation. The remaining idcts are processed with both the cpu and the me. I'm still experimenting different idct scheduling schemes (me sync is far from perfection). The cache is a real nightmare when using the me. Some numbers with my usual test clips: avcodec_decode_video is passed from ~32fps to ~44fps

Video only is around 28-30fps (playing without any kind of sync seems quite smooth, sadly PMP seems to stutters a lot - i have to investigate on this).

Anyway... still tweaking :)

Here October 31st 2005 by Johnny

Here October 30th 2005 by Johnny


the color space conversion (PIX_FMT_YUV420P -> PIX_FMT_RGBA32) is now done in asm + me
(note: no check for PIX_FMT_YUV420P, some codecs could be broken with this)

some numbers (talking about **csc only** with 480x272 res - @333mhz):
ffmpeg original: ~52 fps
my c version: ~64 fps
my asm version: ~70 fps (lol it's my first mips code, maybe someone could enter here and at least get a better instructions reordering)
asm + me: ~135 fps :O

this traduces in + 4-5 fps for 480x272 mpeg4sp @900 kbps
(low bitrates/resolutions have more speedup - due to a less idct bottleneck)

October 5th 2005 English version PSP Media Player ver. 0.0.5

September 30th 2005 PSP Media Player ver. 0.0.5 jap version

Information = Media Player for the PSP

- D-pad Left: Rewind
- D-pad Right: Fast forward
- Select (in main menu) - select to play 1) video or 2) music
- Square - back to main menu
- Start - exit the program (don't do this while playing, or you will suffer a crash)

Place the AVI files in the /PSP/VIDEO folder.

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