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PSP Homebrew

Name = PSP Rhythm Composer

Authors /Website = Louie Iturzaeta, Tri Nguyen, Billy Iturzaeta


Downloads =

Version 2.1 9th January 2006

- Easily Skinnable using your own 32bit BMP image files
- Song Mode - Normal or Loop
- Text Color (For custom skins)
- Audio Channels (1-32) - Use this to tune your song for best performance
- Save System (Text Color, Audio Channels, Song Mode)
- QUIT? (For future PSP OS 2.0 support)

PSP Rhythm 2.1 Comes with a drum kit designed after one of our favorite musical artists DAFT PUNK. If you are upgrading from version 2.0 you can just copy your current banks files over the bank files in this version.

v2.0 17th November 2005

Inspired by classic drum machines such as the Linndrum and Roland TR-series, PSP Rhythm has been created to use the simple, yet effective 16 step style drum sequencer. PSP Rhythm incorporates the use of audio sample playback instead of drum synthesis. Version 2.0 has been directly influenced by one of our favorite modern drum machines, the Elektron MachineDrum. The most significant change between ver. 1.5 to 2.0 is our use of "parameter locks" (as used by the MachineDrum). Parameter locks enable you to change the pitch, volume, and pan per step to create moving, changing melodies and effects. This control over your sounds will give you much more creative freedom and allow you to not only use drums, but to use instruments in your music. Song Mode has been enhanced with a mixer function, allowing you even more versatility with your song writing. The user interface has been made more intuitive and easy to use.

Thank you for all of your support.

RCON's Bassline demo September 3rd 2005

RCON's Bassline demo

This is a simple demo of a drum beat and a bassline. The bassline
was created by hacking the wavegen SDK sample (creates a tone that
can be modified with the analog stick) and using a ADSR envelope
that I found here:
to turn the notes on/off.

use the analog stick to bend the pitch and the x button to change
from a saw wave to a square wave form.

So what does this mean? A synthesiser is possible on the PSP!

If you have trouble getting this to work on a 1.5 copy the
"BASSDEMO 1" folder first to your PSP and then the other.


comments, bugs, hate mail:

25th August 2005 v0.98 Here

8-24-2005 Fixed Tempo Bug

Information =

-=PSP Rhythm Composer=-

Coding: Louie Iturzaeta
Audio: Billy Iturzaeta
Graphics: Tri Nguyen

PSP Rhythm Composer is a TR-x0x style drum machine. It features a easy to use
16 step sequencer, 16 drum pattern loops and 16 drum sounds.

-=How to use the drum sequencer=-

There are 16 buttons on the bottom of the screen. Each one represents a step
in a measure. There is a red line above the step currently selected. When you
press the X button the step will light up orange for regular sound, then red
for accented sound and green for flam (hits accented drum twice).

There is a bar above the buttons, the note represents each beat and whole
gray bar shows you which buttons (steps) are in that beat.

To change the drum sounds press up or down on the D-Pad. The currently
selected drum will display on the screen. The buttons on the bottom of the
screen will also light up and show you the programming of the drum hits.

Put drum hits where you like and hit Start to play the pattern.

-=Changing patterns=-

Each button on the bottom of the screen also corresponds to a pattern. If you
move the red selection bar above a button and hit the Triangle key the pattern
will change. There are 16 buttons and 16 patterns available. If the sequencer
is playing then the pattern will switch after the current pattern is done.

-=Using the Menu=-

When the pattern is not playing or in stop mode you can hit select to access
the menu. When in menu mode it will say MENU at the top of the screen.
Below is a list of menu options and how to use them:

Tempo Hit left or right on the d-pad to adjust the tempo
Save Hit X to save the all drum patterns to the memory stick
Clear Clear the current pattern


Start Start and Stop Sequencer
Select Toggle between Menu/Sequencer
Up Select Previous Drum/Menu Command
Down Select Next Drum/Menu Command
Left Select Step to the left of current step/Change Menu Value
Right Select Step to the right of current step/Change Menu Value
X Tap the current step button to turn the drum hit on or off/
Execute Menu Command
Square Preview selected Drum Sound


| |
| 120 |
| |
|COMMAND 1 > 2 |

CURRENT DRUM SOUND The current drum sound selected is displayed here
TEMPO Shows the current tempo
PATTERN 1 is the current pattern, 2 is the next pattern that
will play


The samples are stored in the SAMPLES folder. Feel free to change them to what
ever suits your music style!

Sample List:

01 Bass (Kick)
02 Snare
03 High Tom
04 Medium Tom
05 Low Tom
06 Clap
07 Rim Shot
08 Cowbell
09 Closed High Hat
10 Open High Hat
11 Ride Cymbal
12 Crash Cymbal
13 Bass 2
14 Snare 2
15 Tamborine
16 Shaker

File Structure:
DRUM01A = Bass (Kick) Normal
DRUM01B = Bass (Kick) Accented

NOTICE 1.0 USERS!!!!!!
I don't have a 1.0 PSP to test with! It should work but who knows!


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