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PSP Homebrew

Name = JzBMSPlayer

Authors /Website = Shiroimakeinu


Downloads = Here November 25th 2005

Here November 21st 2005

Information = - How to install
The package come with EBOOT files for both 1.0 and 1.5 users. Copy the corresponding version into X:\PSP\GAME\.

- How to add songs
Copying the BMS packages (*.zip files) into X:\PSP\GAME\BMS is OK. But I recommend you copy the packages into X:\PSP\GAME\BMS\Tracks for the convenience of management. You can even categorize the tracks by adding more sub-folders under the Tracks folder, but that won't make any difference in the track selection menu in the game.

- How to play
1. Start the game from the PSP's main interface.
2. In the main menu of the game, press Triangle button to scan for tracks (you only have to do this for the first time and when you changed your collection of tracks).
3. Choose a track with up or down, and load it with Circle button.
4. Play.

You can access the key assignment interface by pressing Start button in the main menu, then select "KEYASSIGN" in the menu. Use the D-pad to select the key you want to change, then press circle on designated key to check/uncheck the assignment. When done, select the "Set" on the top left of the interface to save the settings, or select Cancel to discard the changes.

– How to change skins
Press Start button in the main menu to bring up the black menu, then choose “SKIN”. You will be brought to a skin selection interface. Here, you can choose different skins for different cases as your own wish. Skins are stored in X:\PSP\GAME\BMS\SKIN. I’ve already enclosed 4 skins in the package. Feel free to try them out.

- How to find BMS tracks
Beatmania Heaven -
Or do a search in Google.

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