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PSP Homebrew

Name = 3D Duck Demo

Authors /Website = 71M


Downloads = Release Here

Information =

Runs only on PSP 1.00.
Place EBOOT.PBP at directory PSP\GAME\duck\ of Memory Stick

"This demo is simply a personal test to see what the PSP is capable of doing purely in software. The code is based on the fantastic Hello World demo by nem (Great!). All the effects (plasma, grid and duck) are being rendered in software rather than using the available hardware unfortunately.
The PLASMA effect is essentially a sin wave test I wrote first, using a look up table and plotting colors to every pixel on the screen.
FLOOR (also called MODE7 on SNES) is an old effect again using look up tables to determine the texture step size when drawing scan lines on the screen.
The SOLID duck is rendered using a scanline rasteriser, which turns triangles into lots of horizontal lines ready for rendering, very easy to write, but quite difficult to get running as fast as the hardware can do."

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