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PSP Homebrew

Name = 2ch Browser (Homebrew Web Browser)

Authors /Website = mr44


Downloads =

Updated 25th November 2005 Here

Updated 10th October 2005 Here

Updated 19th September 2005 Here

Updated 10th September 2005 Here

– Forum/thread vertically listed
– Added menu to thread list
– Keyword search in thread
– Bug fix (partially)

Updated 6th September 2005 Here

Updated 1st September 2005 Here

- Mono font fixed (may still be strange sometimes)
- bug fix (partially)

Updated 23rd August 2005 Here

-toolbar added (triangle button)
- L & R button support for "back, forward"
-and various other changes

Updated 21st August 2005 Here

- JIS coding supported in the browser
- Cursor supported in the browser
- Misc minor fixes
*Mono font still not fixed
*Category auto-getting will be implemented from the next version

v0.3 Here August v0.4 2005

added UTF-8 and EUC coding support
more tags now can be parsed

Information = Web Browser for the PSP.

The files must be extracted to X:/PSP/GAME/2CH_BROWSER/ and then the test_bookmark.ini file must be copied to the X:/2CH_BROWSER/ root folder.

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