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2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System (Black) Review

Audio adapter for PSP.


Play Asia Price: US$ 19.90 (~10.55 GBP)



The 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System features a tiltable stand for the PSP, a charging function, dual headphone sockets and subwoofer. The system can be powered either directly by the PSP or using a PSP power supply, which will also charge the PSP while playing your music, videos or games. Also included is a wireless remote control.


-Can be powered by PSP directly or by using the PSP power supply
-Features dual headphone connectors
-Wireless remote control included

The Review Itself

The first thing that grabs you about this Audio Adapter is the price of it, at $26 dollars cheaper than the Logitech Playgear Amp it certainly favours this adapter for price, the adapter comes in a Black colour which looks exactly like the PSP in finish, colour etc. It has a small remote control with Volume up and Down and Prev/Next and Play/Pause buttons so its ok for what you need.

This unit doesnt come with a power lead so youll have to make do with using your USB Charger Lead (like me) or the PSP Power Lead, it doesnt have a battery slot so it loses a point or two for that.

The Adapter like the other adapters that are released can be also used to charge the PSP, but a word of caution this adapter wont work if you have the 4GB Hard Drive attached or bigger than the normal (meaning sticking out the back) batteries.

The unit itself is very light and to be honest you get what you pay for, it isnt the Build quality of the Playgear Amp but its sturdy non the less, the Speakers can be adjusted up and down to your hearts content, the unit also has 2 headphone adapters although why you would use them is beyond me.

The Adapter has Power on/off, 3D, and Volume Down or Up buttons on the front .

To the sound we go ;)

The reason you buy this adapter is for the sound and i can gladly tell you that it plays excellent, its a major step up from the Home Av Arts adapter i already reviewed but on a par with the Play Gear Amp, what you really notice is when the 3D button is pressed, it gives a real boost to the audio and to be honest i kept it on that ;)

Only one moan i had with the sound is that when i went back a track sometimes it would crackle but that may have been the quality of the MP3s and not the adapter itself.

This is a great budget buy Audio Adapter for the PSP, The 3D sound button really adds to the whole experiance, having a remote control with batteries that can be found at any electrical store makes the remote a good bet too, the sound quality is a step up from the Home AV Arts Organisation Audio Adapter but not as good as the Logitech offering, It does lose some appeal with you not being able to hold it whilst playing games for that true heart pumping sound experiance, but the price makes it well worth it at nearly half the price of the Play gear Amp. In some ways it could be the perfect replacement with your PSP and a Gigs worth of MP3s to your stereo.

Overall i would give it a 8 out of 10, not perfect but damn good.



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